The Proper Prosthetic Eye Care...

Proper prosthetic eye care is need to protect your eyes from further damages and to make sure that the artificial eye will last longer. Most wearers especially those first timers are not aware on the physical presence of the eye and when it needs special care such as removing, cleaning, polishing and applying the lubricant.

What Is The Prosthesis For Eye?...

Ocular prosthesis is a kind of prosthesis for the eye. It uses artificial eye and done to restore the appearance of an eye after being damaged. It is made of acrylic that is made to fit the color, shape and movement of a true eye.

Bionic Eye: A Visual Prosthesis...

Losing your vision is far different from poor vision as it can be aided with eye glasses and you can adjust the eye grade by just visiting your opthometrist, losing the vision will completely cut the connection of your eye to your brain. Because of this, the advanced technology has invented the first artificial eye that can see called bionic eye.

Main Causes of Cataract

Cataract is a formation of cloudy inside the eyes affecting the vision. The opacification block the light that passes and focuses on the retina. This eye disorder is the most common reason of blindness and can be treated through surgery, natural medication and using lenses. It can be diagnosed through visual acuity test and some are noticed when there is a glare and vision reduction. Here are some know causes of cataract:

Cataract Surgery Recovery

Cataract operation is done to remove and replace the damaged lens which is common on elders. These delicate surgery has different kinds and along with it, have different potential complications as well. Cataract surgery recovery may vary from one person but rest assured, you can recover by following the precautions and advices of the surgeon.

Cataract Surgery

One of the most common eye disease is cataract which happens when the lens appears opaque or cloudy. Usually, the lens allows the light to focus on the back of the eye so images are not distorted and the visions is clear. Once clouding develop on your lens, the cataract can cause impaired vision.